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Product Costs Versus Period Costs

Were losses incurred because of structural inefficiencies or was it the fact that the items made are too costly? Direct costs that can be linked to the production of a particular product can relate to the purchase of materials, commissions, fuel and other items needed for the production. However, you’ll still have to pay the rent on the building, pay your insurance and property taxes, and pay salespeople that sell the products currently in inventory. Product costs only become an expense when the products to which they are attached are sold. As a result, they aren’t assigned to any specific product but rather listed as a cost in the income statement. Product Cost is the cost which can be directly assigned to the product.

In this situation, the only the rent for April will be considered as the period cost while the rent for May-September is a prepaid expense. Are salaries of office assistants in a law firm classified as a product cost or a period cost? Are the marketing costs of a soft drink bottler classified as a product cost or a period cost? Explain the difference between fixed costs and variable costs.

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It is recorded as inventory in balance sheet and after sale cost of goods in income statement. Explain how each change in total, as production activity increases. Identify and explain the costs that should be included in inventory and the cost of goods sold. Are bakers’ wages at a bakery classified as a product cost or a period cost? Is the cost of wax to make candles classified as a product cost or a period cost? Explain the difference between fixed and variable costs and give two examples of each for a car manufacturer.

Product Costs Versus Period Costs

The timing of expenses differ for product costs and period costs. These costs include the costs of direct materials, direct labor, and manufacturing overhead. They will not be expensed until the finished good are sold and appear on the income statement as cost of goods sold.Period costs are closely related to periods of time rather than units of products. For this reason, businesses expense period costs in the period in which they are incurred. Accountants treat all selling and administrative expenses as period costs for external financial reporting. Another advantage of using variable costing internally is that it prevents managers from increasing production solely for the purpose of inflating profit.

What are product costs?

In other words, period costs are related to the services consumed over the period in question. These are the structural determinants of the activities on which cost is being incurred and determine the behavior of the costs on an activity. Cost of goods sold is defined as the direct costs attributable to the production of the goods sold in a company.

What is difference between product cost and manufacturing cost?

Production costs reflect all of the expenses associated with a company conducting its business while manufacturing costs represent only the expenses necessary to make the product.

The major difference is that period costs are a normal operating expense and product costs are incurred on producing goods. Distinguish between product costs and period costs as they relate to inventory. There are many costs businesses incur that are not related directly to product manufacturing.

Examples of Product Costs and Period Costs

Physical inventory consists of goods intended for sale to customers. From a financial perspective, inventory is the Product Costs Versus Period Costs cost of obtaining those goods. When manufacturing overhead is added to inventory cost, you get the product cost.

Product Costs Versus Period Costs

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